The Stockton California Project

We are planning to engage a comprehensive photographic, multimedia, and publishing project to document and illuminate the diverse communities of Stockton, California and the many people who call it home.

With their help – indeed with your help – we hope to tell the story of Stockton from a decidedly local perspective – through its citizens and in their own words. This, because there is a strong and important role for both a spoken and written narrative if we are to create something that is as inclusive and as honest as we are capable of doing.

We expect this will take at least a year to do– probably longer. And once done, what emerges may include many elements, and exhibit, or book, or both, for example – as well as other works.

We invite and encourage you to follow our progress here.
And if you are willing, we also invite you to suggest individuals and groups – anyone, really, that you believe we should seek out in the larger community of Stockton and have a conversation with.

You can message us here and tell us whom you think we should contact, including yourself.

Or message us her with any other suggestions you might have – place we should see, things we should read; anything at all that you believe will help us do this well.

And should you choose to follow us and this project and for any reason believe we may be drifting in some unproductive way or wrong direction, then tell us that as well – we are asking for and are grateful for your guidance and support.

Below you will find the email we send July 31, 2012 to Paula Sheil at Delta Collage after reading her OpEd piece about Stockton that appeared in the New York Times on Monday of prior week. It provides some insight why we are motivated to do this project.

Thanks and best wishes, Christian and Joe