The Marsh Theater

The Wave - A Musical
World Premier - Marsh Youth Theater San Francisco

The Marsh is a unique San Francisco theater situated on Valencia Street in the center of the Mission District. Only new, original works are presented at The Marsh. Marsh Youth Theater (MYT) brings young people from throughout the North Bay Area to The Marsh and steeps them in theater. Many are incredibly talented. All are passionate. Each is pleasure to know.

The Wave is a true story about fascism. It was an experiment… “one of the most frightening events … ever experienced in the classroom.” It happened at a Palo Alto, California high school in 1967. Books, films and a documentary have been made about The Wave. The teacher, Ron Jones, then wrote a musical about The Wave which debuted as a The Marsh Youth Theater production. Here are some of the photographs taken over the five month period Light at 11B spent documenting the production. In addition to its photography, Light at 11B, in partnership with Live Oak Publishing, produced a book about the making of The Wave - A Musical.