Portraits and Headshots

There are similarities and difference between “portraits” and “headshots.” We do both; they are each a specialty of ours we engage with a point of view:

It’s always about capturing something unique and telling in each person yet be realistic.

Portraits are also about couples and families, so they’re not necessarily composed close in. The intent is usually quite personal; to create a lasting presence in a room, on a wall, a mantel, dresser, or desk - because a fine portrait is a reminder; an embodiment of deep feelings and memories.

Headshots are different because they are about one person, tightly framed with a specific purpose in mind - one related to a profession or a avocation; for a corporate website, a LinkedIn account, or for an actor, model, or performer responding to a casting call, audition, or other opportunity.

We believe that your intent, professional or personal, sets its own context. So there may also be certain conventions or standards of presentation that must be accounted for as well. So, for us, purpose is a prerequisite that informs style and aesthetics.

Working with purpose, bringing out what is singular in each of us; person-by-person, to craft a lasting impression of an individual, a loved one, couple, family and children - or the caring wisdom of an elder is what we do.